Comprehensive Occupational Medical Services provided by Experienced Professionals

We provide comprehensive occupational medical servicesclass A physicals, and workers comp in Oroville, Chico, and Yuba City with occupational and N.I.O.S.H certified providers. Our staff is experienced and specifically trained to handle your occupational and Workers Compensation issues. We have over 12 years experience in providing Onsite services for pre and post employment physicals. We provide services to large and small employers having done thousands of pre employment physicals and drug screens, on site, for several large agriculturally related industry leaders. Dr. David Mckinney M.D. M.P.H., one of the original founders of our company, has over twenty years experience in the Occupational and Workers Compensation field. He is a certified Qualified Medical Examiner, Medical Review Officer, Independent Medical Examiner, Agreed Medical Examiner, Senior Flight Surgeon, and Department of Transportation Commercial Driver Examiner and is on several committees for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the Western Occupational and Environmental Medicine Association. Dr. Mckinney is a consultant for the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association in their efforts to produce a certification program for all medical providers wanting to perform Department of Transportation Commercial Drivers Examinations.
Dr. McKinney’s training and experience makes him uniquely qualified in helping companies develop corporate wellness programs and has worked with several governmental organizations including police and fire departments in developing and implementing wellness programs designed to both increase the employees health and fitness and reduce the employer’s Workers Compensation risk. Callie Quarrels-Larson, office administrator, has over twenty years experience in Workers Compensation and Occupational Health. Callie has not only worked for an Insurance Company as a claims adjuster, but also as a claims representative for a plaintiff attorney. Her experience on both sides of an Workers Compensation claim gives her invaluable insight in the successful navigation of a claim through the system. This experience helps both the injured worker receive the proper treatment. But, also reduces unnecessary expense to the employer and the insurer by producing timely, concise and comprehensible reports of the progress of a case from inception to closing. Callie also worked for a major hospital in their employee health department and is a certified medical assistant. California Occupational Medical Professionals from the front office, the back office, the Medical Providers and Office Administration offer the most experienced , professional, knowledgeable staff available, which works exclusively on your Occupational and Workers Compensation needs. Dr. McKinney has developed a program to assist the experienced Commercial Driver in maintaining his Commercial Certification. Through continued testing, treatment and monitoring Dr. McKinney has been able to help Drivers keep their licenses even when medical issues might otherwise have prevented them from doing so.
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