About Our Company

About our Company


alifornia Occupational Medical Professionals began as a collaborative effort of Dr. David Mckinney and Karen Lundberg FNP in Oroville California November 2000. Both had been instrumental in the development of occupational medical services and Workers Compensation programs for local hospitals. When it became apparent that the intricacies of the system for did not work well in an environment designed primarily to treat the general welfare of the public. They decided to create an organization for workers comp in Oroville that was specifically built from the ground up to address the challenges injured workers, employers, and insurance companies faced in trying to provide quality, appropriate, timely medical services designed to resolve the specific medical issue involved and return the worker to his occupation as quickly as possible.


has not only worked for an Insurance Company as a claims adjuster, but also as a claims representative for a plaintiff attorney. Her experience on both sides of an Workers Compensation claim gives her invaluable insight in the successful navigation of a claim through the system. This experience helps both the injured worker receive the proper treatment. But, also reduces unnecessary expense to the employer and the insurer by producing timely, concise and comprehensible reports of the progress of a case from inception to closing.


Callie also worked for a major hospital in their employee health department and is a certified medical assistant. California Occupational Medical Professionals from the front office, the back office, the Medical Providers and Office Administration offer the most experienced , professional, knowledgeable staff available, which works exclusively on your Occupational and Workers Compensation needs. Dr. McKinney has developed a program to assist the experienced Commercial Driver in maintaining his Commercial Certification. Through continued testing, treatment and monitoring Dr. McKinney has been able to help Drivers keep their licenses even when medical issues might otherwise have prevented them from doing so.


In the last 12 years the Workers Compensation system has undergone massive regulatory changes and California Occupational Medical Professionals has strived to stay ahead of the change to continue our mission of making certain the injured worker receives the best medical treatment available and is returned to work as quickly as possible. Out of this commitment our dedication to wellness programs designed to prevent the injury before it happens has evolved. Our onsite programs for employers are designed to prevent loss time and demonstrate to employees, both current and potential, that the employer is committed to their current and continued health and wellbeing by offering pre employment physicals and other services.

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